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A handful of love.....

Welcome to Maple's Prickle Patch! We are a small hedgehog breeding program located in Louisville, Ohio.


Our journey with hedgehogs began with our first hedgehog baby, Fig. He was 6 weeks old when we brought him home and right full of huffles! We loved him right away! Soon after we added our second boy, Sebastian. They paved the way for Maple's Prickle Patch.

Our focus is on breeding healthy and well tempered babies. We try to keep a good range of colors an patterns that we think will be enjoyed but we currently do not focus on producing any one trait over another. We simply love them all too much to do so. 

We are a USDA certified breeder and strive to uphold the rules and regulations set by USDA. 

Please stay tuned as we work to cultivate our lines and on bring you the healthiest babies possible.

Opening hours

Our hours are by appointment only.

Maple's Prickle Patch News

Covid 19 Update

We have been very blessed here at the patch to remain healthy and free of Covid 19. In our efforts to keep our family, customers and animals safe we will be taking measures to reduce the risks. For the time being we will not be conducting meet and greets. We will also do our pick-ups on our front patio and we will be wearing our masks. Sadly this takes a lot of our love and attention out of our process but we want everyone to be healthy so that they can love their new prickle baby. Stay safe and healthy from our family to yours!

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Maple's Prickle Patch

Located in Louisville, OH

Exact address will be given once an appointment has been made.